Following the tradition that we have built over the last 10+ years with our struggles for the demilitarization of Nicosia and of Cyprus, we convey you to this gathering across divides of land and sea to celebrate peace, cooperation and ecology in the Eastern Meditteranean. As regimes of militarization deepen their control over our lives, our friendships, and our natural environment, we stand strong and continue to claim our common ground against division and against the Capitalist Hydra.

On Saturday at 7.30, at the Home for Cooperation, Bandista, our favourite antimilitarist band from Turkey and long-time ally of our struggles on the island will join us at this historical gathering, this peace feast, during which we will also be hosting a delegation of the Zapatista comrades as part of the “Tour for Life” (Travesia por la Vida) visit in Cyprus.

Come also to check out the photo exhibition on the antimilitarist movement in Cyprus.

All events organized for the visit of the Zapatista delegation to Cyprus are alchohol-free, following the principles of the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico. We ask the attendants to respect this. There will be non-alchoholic drinks and vegan food served.

Due to covid restriction measures and to keep everyone safe, places for the event are limited and thus there is a booking requirement at

This event is organized by the Multicommunal Coordination for the Zapatista trip to Cyprus.

Special thanks to Home for Cooperation and Home Cafe for hosting us.

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